Welcome to my Website!

YOURTUBE: I like using but sometimes I would like to have my own playlist and not one band or an individuals playlist.
So I built this system, which you are more than welcome to use.
Create your own playlists, Enjoy.
A quick and easy to use YouTube playlist website that lets you save an unlimited amount of playlists (and songs) to replay at a later time.

  • Create your own, Playlists
  • Create your own, Catergories
  • Play your own selected videos/music
  • Creating your own styled mixed tape

The best part is once you have the playlist you don't get any
Pesky painful and annoying adverts, WAHOO.

Step 1

Signup, you only need add your email address. You will recieve a password.

Step 2

Confirm your email through your email account. Click link in email.

Step 3

Now create the various folders, groups or playlists.

Step 4

Add links from youtube example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhPSoLt1Lzs. Add bold only.